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Can a debt collector sue my wife or husband for my debt?
Can a creditor or debt collector go after my new husband or wife for my old debts ? . but there are conditions in which your new spouse would be liable. | new york auto insurance company | Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 9:32 am

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Wife not liable for new hubbys old debt
Apr 26, 2010 . Dear Debt Adviser, Although I am debt-free, I married a man a year ago who has nearly $40000 in credit card debt. We are attempting to pay .

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Spouses not married to old debts
Your spouse's creditors may suggest you are liable for debts incurred prior to . on his debt by transferring some or all of it to your own accounts or opening new .

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If I marry & spouse has bad debt/credit, am I liable for his old debt ...
Oct 15, 2009 . If I marry & spouse has bad debt/credit, am I liable for his old debt? Fiance has terrible credit and lots of outstanding debt. When we marry, am I .

Is A Spouse Liable For Credit Card Debt In Florida
Legal Help for Credit Card Debt - Debt Collectors: Is A Spouse Liable For Credit Card Debt In Florida. If I have a good amount of credit card .

Marriage and Debt: Is My Spouse Responsible for My Debt? - Yahoo ...
Oct 24, 2007 . Find out if you and your spouse share debt as well as a home and family. . New Marriage, Old Debt . Is your spouse responsible for your debt? . name until it was fully paid off, your spouse wouldn't be liable for the debt.

Stepparent Financial Matters - FlyingSolo
When couples remarry, they may not realize it but they also say "I will" to potential financial liability for their new spouse's old debts, tax liabilities, business .

Will My Wife Inherit My Debt if I Get Remarried? |
Each law determines how your wife may inherit your debt upon marriage. . chooses not to, or you live in a common law state, the new wife will not incur old debt. . Remarriage does not transfer the debt to your new spouse; rather it keeps it .

A Wife's Responsibility for Her Husband's Debt |
Old Debts. If one spouse incurs debt before marriage, in most cases, his . the debt, even if you default on the debt without your new spouse ever using the account. . goes into debt to get an item only he uses, you are not liable for that debt.

Is a spouse liable for the debts of the other? | Answerbag
Is a spouse liable for the debts of the other? On One . or collectors cannot go after the new spouse to pay old debts, according to BCS Alliance.

Good News for Responsible Spouses: You Aren't Responsible for ...
Regardless of the origins of the myth of joint liability for the debts of a spouse, . this old doctrine is rarely invoked by creditors due to problems proving what the .

The Small Business Partnership: General and Limited Partnerships ...
Unlike corporations or limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships have no . Even if you're doing 80% of the work and your partner only 20%, without a . New partners aren't responsible for old debts incurred by existing partners, but .

Pitfalls in Incorporating an Existing Business
tion, a limited liability company, or some other . that secure a debt or contractual obligation, ne- gotiations with the secured . into new contracts, replacing the old unincor- porated . or California), both spouses must sign Form 2553, even .

Protect Your Good Credit After Marriage |
(To learn about your liability for your spouse's debts, see Nolo's article Debt and . Even if you decide to open new accounts jointly, keep your old, individual .

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Tara Revisited: The New "Innocent Spouse" Rules
. there are many ex-spouses who owe insurmountable tax debts resulting from IRS . The "innocent spouse" will be relieved of joint and several liability for a tax . As discussed above, both the old and the new innocent spouse rules focus on .

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